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חֻפְשָׁה - Kherut is the Hebrew word that means – “freedom from slavery and oppression”

Our purpose is to build a non-profit food truck organization that will serve to employ, mentor and motivate marginalized people enabling them to rebuild, uplift and transform their lives into something new.

The “big picture” plan for Kherut is to partner with established, existing organizations who are already working with At-Risk communities.  These organizations will vet potential participants for the program when they are ready to move into the workplace.  Kherut will provide the opportunity to not only learn skills in food service, cooking, menu design, bookkeeping, customer service, inventory control, marketing, sales, multitasking, thinking outside of the box and problem solving in the restaurant business, but it will also equip those in the program with skills that crossover into many different industries.  Our program will be used as a launching pad to help participants find their strengths and learn skills that will allow them to step out on their own.  Maybe it will result in them choosing a career in the restaurant business or maybe a corporate sales job or as a bookkeeper, the possibilities are wide open.

Kherut will cater to all ages from teens and twenties to the mature and discriminating.  Meal prices will range from $10 - $15 depending upon the ingredients.  Food trucks will be parked in lots located in close proximity to business corridors with heavy lunch traffic facilitating the need for fast, healthy meals.  The entire concept is a win, win, win.  The customers receive a quality product at a fair price and feel good about themselves knowing that every dollar spent will be helping At-Risk people move forward in their lives.  Companies and other large organizations can participate by allowing the trucks to park on their property which may also give exposure to their business or organization. Finally, and most importantly, those who are coming out of challenging life situations will find hope for their future.